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The enchanted forest

Are you looking for somewhere new to go on a trip with your child? We present you a wonderful and active trip for the whole family.

  • Outdoor games and fairytale activities
  • The most beautiful views of Bled and the surroundings
  • Whenever

More aboutEnchanted forest

In The Enchanted Forest, forest animals and fairytale creatures have lived in peace for centuries. Not long ago, some criminals, bandits and robbers have come to live in the forest and they are now messing with the residents of the forest and of the Zasip village. They are most worried by the leader of the criminals, who is sought after by the whole forest. No one knows his name … And you, kids, you are the forest’s only hope. If you can finish the Enchanted Forest trail, you will discover his name by solving the riddles and hints and you will be able to report him to the Enchanted Forest Police.


  • The Enchanted Forest trail weaves through the forest on the Hom Hill above the Zasip village near Bled (link to location).
  • Go on the trail in the company of friends or family. To do so, you will need some accessories and a booklet containing tasks and riddles that guide you along the trail. You can only take the trail with the booklet. 
  • The trail is 2,2 kilometres long with a total ascent of 200 metres.
  • The trail takes about an hour and a half and offers you the most splendid views of the surroundings.
  • It is suitable for families with kids up to 10 years old.
  • It is not suitable for strollers.
  • It is recommended that you wear appropriate hiking footwear and that you bring something to drink and some mosquito repellent. 


  • From Bled, drive to the Zasip village.
  • There are two paths to the top of the Hom Hill. One leads through the Muže part of the Zasip village and along a forest road to the top of the Hom Hill (coming from Bled, turn right before the Gostilna Kurej restaurant). This one is wider and more recommended. The other path is narrower and leads you through the Rebr part of the Zasip village.
  • The starting point is on the Hom Hill at St Catherine's church, where you can find an information board at the vantage point. That is where your path to the Enchanted Forest begins.
  • There's a parking lot at the starting point.


To do the trail, you will need a backpack with:

  • A booklet containing the story, riddles and tasks
  • A felt wolf mask
  • A wooden wolf necklace
  • A wooden wolf bracelet
  • A pencil.

You can only take the trail with the booklet.


You are led through the Enchanted Forest by an interesting story and by the attached map of the trail. The map motivates kids to follow the path and train orientation skills in the forest. At the start of the trail, your family should divide tasks like a wolf family in a wolf pack. It is very important to designate the person who will walk first and the person who will walk last in the line. In doing this, kids learn how important it is to work together. 

The trail and the story take you from point to point. At each point, there’s an interesting short story waiting for the kids, as well as a task that is connected with observing and feeling the nature around you.

At the Kuštrelina bajta, children have to sort plants according to colour palettes. Good observation skills are key here, since they have to look for everything that they can find on the forest hunt page. They can play in the fairy daycare and solve the photo comic, in which they get to know about the surroundings of the place. In the fairy kitchen, they cook wolf soup and learn the recipe for a local dessert. The trail then leads them past the dwarf house. Dwarves set traps for the criminals in the forest. Correctly solved riddles that children do on the trail are the key to enter the head criminal’s cottage. There, they learn his name and surname and report him to the Enchanted Forest Police. Multiple forest games and activities for kids are part of our adventure.


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